Navigated Implant

Navigated (guided) implant

It is a method of implant preparation prepared in digital environment.

  • The greatest advantage over conventional methods is that they are seamless. Since its applied without opening the gum, there’s almost no pain or swelling after the operation.
  • Reduces the complications to zero that may occur due to the surrounding tissues such as salivary gland cavities and the lower jaw nerve, which gives the feeling of lip at the lower jaw; and the upper jaw due to the sinus space and the anatomical structure of the nasal floor.
  • On the 3D Digital Tomography taken from the patient, the implants to be applied into the mouth with the aid of the Galileos program are positioned as desired in the computer environment. After this positioning, guide plates are prepared with CEREC GUIDE which will help us to place the implants with zero error. Prepared plates and implants are placed in a much shorter time than conventional methods. If the dentist finds it appropriate, porcelain denture prepared with the same session CEREC is placed on the implant and the whole treatment is completed in one session.

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